Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Indroduce My Self

Alright , so the name is NOR AMY SHAZANA BT HELMI. But normaly peeps call me as Amy , Nana , or Shazana . I am 14 years old of age (2011) . Yes, I'm a student in form 2 although I might not look light one here :P . I was female . I'm  Malaysian since I was born on 15 september 1997 and grew up in Bukit Mertajam ,Pulau Pinang . I got mix blood Malay + Chinese + Arabian that makes me? HUMAN la! LoL . And yes , I am MALAYSIAN . I repeat i proud to be MALAYSIAN peepo! :) I am not Emo or Gothic or Indie Rocker and anything in between! I am a mixture of all that and that's why I'm unique . Right now on I live at Perak, Malaysia . I am SINGLE , but not available lah sayang ! Number of siblings was 3 including me , two boys and one girl and I'm the second among my siblings . I love to singing , drawing , laughing , writing and wrote quotes . What I hate? I hate someone who asks me the same stuff for twice because I make me felt annoyed and make me get burn easily . Yes , I'm kinda naughty and lazy , but sweet talkers , caring , crazy , hones , loyal , sensetive and funny girl but sometimes bored . I am friendly and heart warming with people , unless you piss me off , and not care , at all about you . But then again I don't care for much people , unless you're  someone special in my life . I don't give you second chances , so don't mess with me . You'll always see me in a good mood because I am happy go lucky type of person . I try to keep everything in my life positive . I'm really not the one who wants to please everybody and change the person I am for them , I treasure being who I really am .You can say anything about me as you please but I am what I am . I hate when people make me feel guilty to get their way . I've got more important things to worry about . But if you do , I got nothing against that . I do what satisfies me . I treat people with repect only if you respect me . What goes arrounf come arround right? so, be nice or leave my page instanly . It's funny how people who don't even know me , but talk about me . Ha-ha* . Please judge me because you're not any better than anyone . If there is one thing I hate more that everything , its people judging other people . No one should have the right to do it . Who are you judge life i live? I am not perfect and I don't live to be . But , before you start pointing fingers , make sure your hands are clean !

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