Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank you so much , it's done .

Hey , sume laki same je en ? ble dah boring dgn pmpuan tuh , tros dah tak nak lyn . huh . tau larh handsome , tpi tak pyah arh nk bt org sakit hati . huh .

Honestly , i love you okay , but , this is't you do to me . i were so appreciate what you have done me . thanks you so much yaa . hey , before this , i have tell that if you want to be with me , don't make my heart broke , but , my heart was broke now , where did you put your promise ? I very trust okay , but why you do the same way like them do to me ? why ? hurm . 

Awk , sory klau awk marah kt sy , tpi , sy rse sy tak bt slah ape pon . hurm . tak pe , sy memg dah biase kne mcm ny , memg sy ny dicipta untk kne tpu dgn org je . kalau tak , hari tuh awk ygh sroh sy jgn curang dgn awk larh ape larh . tpi , skang ny spe yg curang ? awk ke sy ? hey , dah larh , tak puas lgi ke awk nk main kan sy ? ckup larh . sy dah tak larat nk nanges dah awk . hurm . tinggal kn je sy , sy rela awk tinggal kn sy drpd awk mendua kn sy . 

Thanks again okay . To all boys , please take a note , if you want to be with me , please larh , don't make life unhappy or sad okay ? i'll appreciate you so much if you make life happy .

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